Worried about treating ED? Try Levitra

Erectile Dysfunction is male health problem which can trouble man a lot. Erectile Dysfunction is commonly known impotence where many man could not openly discuss much about the problem Erectile Dysfunction. This happens to Man for several reasons like consumption of heavy liquor or heavy smoking. It has been playing a role of stress creator in the lives of men for a long time. Erectile Dysfunction is a type of sexual dysfunction which is makes a man unable to develop or maintain erection during sexual activity. It can also happen for Psychological causes such as performance anxiety, stress and mental disorder.
Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is defined as a persistent difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection during sexual activity. It might cause some medical issue but it also can happen for psychological facts. Organic causes are usually the result of an underlying medical condition affecting the blood vessels or nerves supplying in certain areas of the male body parts.
Sometimes smoking can be a cause of erectile dysfunction as smoking causes impotence because it promotes arterial narrowing. Men aging to 60 can also be a factor of erectile dysfunction. Organic cause for erectile dysfunction  can usually be the result of an underlying medical condition affecting the blood vessels in certain parts of the male body. But this problem can be solved with an oral treatment ED pills like Levitra. Nowadays, one can buy Levitra from the online sites.

What is Levitra?

Levitra is an oral pill which is taken when a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction. This is a brand name marketed under the generic ED treatment Vardenafil. This medication got approved for treating male impotence on August 19, 2003 by FDA. Levitra works by relaxing the muscles in certain body parts that allows greater blood flow in that region. It is a PDE-5 inhibitor which is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is produced by Bayer, a well known multinational pharmaceutical company. Earlier it has been licensed across Europe in 2003. Levitra is same like Viagra and Cialis in becoming a form of medication for erectile dysfunction. This ED pills produces effective results in majority of men. It becomes effective within 25 minutes to an hour of taking this pill and then continues to work for a period of four to five hours.

Usage of Levitra:

• Levitra can be taken when a man is sexually stimulated. An individual suffering from ED should not take more than one pill in a course of the day.
• It remains effective in taken immediately after meal, however it can be taken before meal with a glass of water.
• It contains of 20 mg which needs to be taken before 30 to 60 minutes before sexual activity. The effect of this pill lasts for 4 hours.

Side Effects of Levitra:

Some of the side effects which might occur while consuming this pill like:
• Headache
• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Skin rash
• Stuffy or runny nose
• Indigestion
• Chest pain
Consult your doctor if any of these side effects occur. Avoid taking this pill with alcohol. Grapefruit products should be avoided during this medication. Seek your physician if you are allergic to ED pills to avoid having allergic reactions. Avoid taking this pill with nitrate substance which are usually recommended to heart patients. Adults below the age of 18 years should not use this pill. Female having sexual problems should not use this pill. Tell your doctor if you start new medication as it might cause unwanted changes in the body.
  • Below the age of 12 years this pill is not recommended.
  • Avoid taking grapefruit product as it can cause serious trouble to health.
  • Do no misuse or make it habit forming.
  • Avoid having an overdose as it can cause addiction.


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